A sustainable future for children

Soon you will read the Babyface CSR annual report in English here.

Why we working on transparancy

An important step towards a sustainable supply chain is transparency. If we know where and by whom our products are made, we can start to improve practices througout our chain. Babyface is not a sustainable brand from our origins, but we work every day to make Babyface even more sustainable. We take you with us on our sustainable journey. We started working on sustainability in 2018 and are proud of the steps we have taken and the improvements we have made. Like children, we learn step by step.

We think it is important to communicate openly and honestly in all the steps we take. That is why we sign the Transparency Pledge and also publish our production locations on Open Apparel Registry. We believe in the power of the collective to make the fashion industry more sustainable.

Babyface Transparancy Pledge Februari 2021