The happy Babyface newborn collection for girls

02 Apr

Girls shirts perfect for taking in the sun in your favourite park

Do you have a sweet girl like this one in your house? Then you really have to worry about the wardrobe getting fully stuffed. Because how do you choose? Prints of kites, sunshine, cheerful textprints or playing in the playground. Everything to make you and your girl happy.


Girls shirts with long and ultrashort sleeves

Strolling through the park, rolling in the grass and enjoying the first sunshine. In a soft shirt that is no longer too thick, but still with long sleeves. Do you choose the kite on the striped shirt or the two trees with the seesaw in between? Or both 😉 Because they are so much fun with the matching hat or hip Babyface bandeau.

Mixing and matching with the Babyface collection

All shirts have -as you can expect from Babyface- the best matching shorts and accessories. You can’t stop dressing up your girl with all the matching colors and prints.

And of course the sweet Babyface dresses are a must. With a bow, with a funny embroidered print or with a colorful border. Matching leggings, of course, as well as jackets, cardigans and vests. Just go crazy. You can find them all in the Babyface selling stores on our storelocator.

Baby clothes for safari fun

For your baby, life is one great journey and discovery. Trees are giants, grass is the steppe, big cats are lions and butterflies look like fantasy characters straight out of a book. Tropical jungles, lions, giraffes and safari rides. So much inspiration for the Babyface shirts, sweaters and cardigans.

Give your monkey a monkey

You do not have any toys with you? You did not pack the teddybear or rabbit? Or has your own monkey grown out of her t-shirt? You can fold this t-shirt into a cuddly monkey in no time at all. Look at it smile with those big shiny eyes.

Babyface loves sunny beach days

Prints of beach fun, texts like sun kissed and toe dipping and ofcourse those jelly fishes. It cannot be too sweet for summer. Enjoying the sun. Protected with the soft sun hats and a shirt with long sleeves as the sea breeze increases.

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